Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Until We Meet Again

I just wanted to leave this image here to say thank you for reading, and to tell you I'm going on a little vacation to Los Angeles, California this weekend for a collegiate press conference.

While in California, I also plan to meet Paul Brockmann in person for the first time, which will be my absolute delight. Of course, Nasty Gal on Melrose is also on the table. When in Cali, right? Shopping will be a must for me, and exploring vegetarian-friendly eateries.

Miss Trend She will return with new posts early next week. At that time, I assume I will have ample stories to share. Until then, Bon Voyage and all the best things to you!

I am just about bursting about the warm temperatures on the West coast. If you're anywhere near Wisconsin, you understand why all too well I'm sure. I can't wait to adventure around the area for the first time.

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Stay beautiful my friends.

Miss Trend She

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Look the Part, to be the Part, Professional Tips from Hannah Anderson is proud to present an article written specially for this website by Hannah Anderson of WSAW that provides meaningful professional insight for young women in the workforce. Below, Hannah shares her advice and experiences about how to exude your most positive self during an interview, when out on the job or while pursuing your next big career move.

Hannah Anderson, WSAW News Anchor
Photograph by Heather Poltrock, Photographer 
"Happy Heart by Heather"
"Look the Part, to be the Part"

by: Hannah Anderson

Being professional can mean a lot of different things to a number of young women. It can mean dark colors, light colors, dresses, pant suits or jeans. No matter what kind of style you have, it all comes down to dressing appropriately for the task at hand. Here’s how to do it:

1. Dress for the Occasion
It doesn’t matter what job you have, to be professional you must be prepared. That means if you’re in an interview situation, put a nice blouse on. For example, when I go to work, I’m going to wear dress pants and a blouse to anchor the the news, but if I’m going out to a muddy farm to do a story in the field, where I’m fighting the elements, I’m going to wear jeans and my boots. When it’s hot out, you can get away with a no-sleeve dress, when we live in north central Wisconsin with arctic temperatures, cover it up. Wear pants, long sleeves, blazers and fleece-lined tights, which brings me to my next point.

2. No Bare Legs
This mostly applies to the winter. If you’re going to wear a dress, you must wear SOMETHING on your legs. That could mean nylons, tights, fleece tights or leggings. Skirts should be to your knee, and dresses should cover you. If you’re not sure when you're shopping if a dress is too short, then ask a friend. You don’t want your dress to be too short or too tight and distracting. When working, the goal is to have your employer pay attention to your work, not a distracting length of skirt or too much skin in any area.

3. Wear Clothes that Fit
The sweater you’ve loved for years that you just can’t part with because it’s your “lucky charm” on all interviews, even though three of the buttons are missing and the one that’s holding on for dear life is bursting, may have to take a back seat. Wearing clothes that fit you are key to looking professional. It doesn’t matter what size of pants, jacket or blouse you are, find the piece that fits you. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in a workspace wearing a piece two sizes, too small. Not only will you feel good, but you’ll look good, too.

4. Nails, Hair, Accessories
No need to be fancy with any of these. If you don’t do your nails, then keep them clean and trimmed. If you don’t like to do hair, just make sure you comb it nicely. Making sure your hair is out of your face helps, too. Necklaces and bracelets are nice touches to any outfit, but keep the ones that are larger on your rack at home. Smaller, simple pieces are perfect to accessorize any outfit at first, and depending on where you work you can try out other sized pieces, too!

5. Be Sure
Appearing professional from the outside stems from the inside. Do your homework if you’re working on a project. Keep your opinions to yourself, and when you’re at work, be cordial, polite and as professional as you can. Carrying yourself in a confident way with good posture and appropriate positive attitude will help you come across as looking professional. Ask questions, be a team player and come prepared for the task at hand.

Each of these tips can be applied to fit any young woman trying to be a young professional working to be successful in today’s world.

Momma Anderson always told me the final accessory to wear is a smile. Because when the button bursts on your blouse, the beads break off and roll on the floor or you end up with a rip in your skirt, the best way you can continue to keep people from remembering your “professional-in-progress” appearance at that time on the outside, is to keep it together on the inside.

*Follow Hannah on Twitter @Hannah_WSAW or like her on Facebook at "Hannah Anderson WSAW."

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dare to #GoCommando

Image Edited using Pixlr Express by Julia Rose for

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities get that no line, line? Maybe it's their confidence to #GoCommando! The idea may sound a bit strange, or uncomfortable, but this awards season, there's no better time to be daring with style, even if you consider yourself an "average girl."

You're anything but, and in this case, with an added "t," if you catch my drift. Plus, the Clean Care toilet paper with Clean Ripple texture from Cottonelle is made to help you feel clean, comfortable and confident. It's strong, effective, tuggable and huggable; basically the qualities you'd expect to observe in Brad Pitt or Bradley Cooper, whoever you fancy, when sitting next to them at the Oscars rolled into, well- a toilet paper tube. Bet you didn't expect your toilet paper to be such a triple threat. I certainly never considered the idea.

Don't worry about getting nipped and tucked, because having the confidence to #GoCommando is as easy as buying the right toilet paper, and being your beautiful self.

Cottonelle just released their new Clean Care toilet paper with Clean Ripple texture, and their campaign is all about daring women to #GoCommando. You can get a free sample of their latest product when you invite a friend to participate in the campaign, just visit this link: They'll send you a personalized commando kit with a free sample, while supplies last, when you challenge a friend.

I don't know about you, but I'm all about free samples, and, I'd like to think I'm about inspiration too, so of course I had to test myself. I dared to be daring and used 'dem hashtags.

Thanks to Cottonelle for giving me the confidence to #GoCommando. When you take on the challenge, make sure to use the same hashtag. That way your friends can easily find your dare and be inspired too, or maybe just have some fun.

Media sites will all be asking what the winners will be wearing until awards season is over, but you'll be ahead of the game. You'll know "Nothing" is the answer, and "Why not?" and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper with Clean Ripple texture are the reasons.

Take on the #GoCommando challenge with your roommates, friends, sisters- whoever says yes to living once and feeling fresh.

Have fun! You've just been dared.

Miss Trend She

*This article is sponsored by Cottonelle.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Feeling Golden, Thank you for 100,000

Image Copyright Miss Trend She
I am incredibly grateful for the love and support I have been shown on my blog. Your readership is endlessly uplifting. Thank you for reading Miss Trend She. The blog's still a baby (just under 2 years), but she's growing up fast. I am excited to debut my re-brand to you within the next month.

Stay tuned; even more great things are coming to Miss Trend She soon. Happy weekending!

Miss Trend She

Juvenile Diabetic and other things I Don't Call Myself

Image Copyright
According to "youths with diabetes are at risk for diabetes-related mortality because of acute complications that can result from the condition, including diabetic ketoacidosis and hypoglycemia." For those unaware, ketoacidosis results from having extreme high blood sugar levels, and hypoglycemia results from having extreme low blood sugar levels. If symptoms are left untreated, people with diabetes are at increased risk for hospitalization and death.

I have juvenile diabetes. I've told you this many times before. I am not ashamed to tell you this, as there is nothing to be ashamed about; still I feel I must explain it to you in this way so you understand the opinions I am about to express in this post are merely an analysis of the condition I have been friends and enemies with over the course of eleven years. (We just had our anniversary last January.)

I have been very lucky so far. I have had few hospital visits, if any, because of my condition, since being diagnosed. There has been struggle, and I've told you this too, but there are people who struggle far more than I.

Comparison is not a solution to realizing your own strengths, however. You must seek inside yourself to be your own rock. You start with you and end with you, everyday. People can be influential, but the biggest potential beneficiary in your own life is you.

I have been incredibly lucky. I would like to amend my original statement with this synonym, because there have been times I've woken up with blood sugar so low, I should have been hospitalized,  yet there have been physical strengths that have pulled me out of bed, to my counter and digging into my glucose tablet jar to re-stabilize myself.

Frustration has been an irritating mental blow of having the condition throughout the years, but I have had years. I can't find an exact statistic for you at the moment, mostly because I find the facts sheets I have found very hard to understand, and I apologize, but many sites give values of amount of time having had juvenile diabetes compared to one's mortality rate.

The truth about the matter is, is that regardless of managing a condition, anything could happen to anyone at anytime. I take care of myself everyday. I eat regularly, check my blood sugar accordingly and research about updates with my condition, especially about which foods help stabilize blood sugar levels, what exercise routines have worked best for others with the condition, and what vitamins, if any, help.

To be honest, I have never been very interested in technological advancements for daily treatment, but I am very appreciative of the developments I'm sure others have taken advantage of. I currently take daily injections and prick my finger 4-6 times a day. I give myself an injection whenever I eat foods that call for it. (Carbohydrates and sugars call loudest.)

I have become a vegetarian in the past two years, so it was a bit troubling balancing my new lifestyle choice with having juvenile diabetes at first. Since becoming a vegetarian in August of 2013, I have had ample time to discover a balance, and honestly, I have never felt as good.

This may be a result of maturation, though my friends and family might argue with you about me being mature. Then again, the best jokes are the ones share with people closest to you, so maybe I'm playful in their eyes. I can't say. I'm not them!

My increased self management may be a result of growing older, but I have always been an old soul. Forgive me if that sounds strange. I've been addressed by the term several times in my life. I have grown, but have much to learn, especially about life with this condition.

Juvenile diabetes has made me introspective. Few times in my life have I been able to step completely outside myself in order to see the world from a point of view without disease. For me, this perspective would have been, and is, unrealistic. People manage disease everyday. I happen to be one of them.

It isn't easy. I'm not trying to tell you it is or call myself one in a million. I would never say that. Ever. I'm not! I'm telling you it isn't hard either. Statistics say he average person living with juvenile diabetes has increased mortality rates. This article by "the bmj" explains it well: I encourage you to read it if you're curious.

I'll sum up some basic points of the study: It was found that people managing juvenile diabetes suffer from higher depression rates than those without the condition. These forms of depression, in some cases, led to suicide. "Diabetic ketoacidosis has been reported to be the leading cause [of] early mortality," and "alcohol consumption is a well known risk factor."

These risks may sound alarming, and if you're not already wondering, you might think I would be especially alarmed, but I know all too well, as I was told many times growing up, that hazards and unknowns don't just effect people with disease. They effect anyone who's human.

You can't live wondering "what if?" That's not living, not in my opinion. Living is realizing your risks, accepting them, and shooting for the stars regardless of fact sheets that tell you you probably won't make it to Jupiter.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Organic Popcorn Giveaway

G.H. Cretors Organic Popcorn Giveaway!

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GH Cretors Organic Popcorn Giveaway Feb 19 - March 5

Finding a delicious and healthy snack that is also organic and non-GMO can be tricky sometimes - G.H. Cretors is here to help! They offer not one, but TWO amazing and delicious organic popcorn options! Krista over at Savory Savings recently had a chance to try both and LOVED them and thinks that you will, too! 

Would you like to win bags of organic popcorn from G.H. Cretors? If you would like a chance to win, enter with the Giveaway Tool below. If you have won a giveaway from G.H. Cretors, from another blog in the last 12 months, you are not eligible to win. The giveaway will run from February 19 through March 5, 2015 at 11 PM CST and is open to US residents (excluding HI/AK), ages 18 and older. Entries will be verified. Winners will be notified via email (consider adding to your safe list) – winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim prize or another winner will be selected. 

Good Luck! 

Krista from Gloriously Green Gal and Savory Savings received products from this sponsor to facilitate her review, no other compensation was received. All participating blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment. This giveaway is in no way associated with social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Miss Trend She

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

8 Products on my Beauty Shelf

Julia Rose for, Image copyright MissTrendShe
Of the beauty products I own, there are several to which I owe my undoubted love and admiration. These products help keep me feeling fresh and confident, plus most of them are available for a humble price ticket, based on their quality.

Vaseline Rose Lips
I just bought this and am already in love. I had my eyes on it for a while and am completely charmed. You only need to put a tiny, tiny dab on your finger to get a rosy, moisturized feel on your lips. It's only $1.99 at Target, which is pretty good for such a delicate, quality balm that is especially perfect for harsh winter months.

Exposed Skincare Acne Body Wash
Available for $25.95 for 12.0 fl. oz. on, this body wash offers the fresh smell of green tea to keep  you feeling anew. I love the scent that lingers and this product has really helped alleviate stubborn acne bumps on my upper arms. This product is also available as part of a package deal for $34.95. I believe you get a towlette and acne cream to accompany this product, which is a bargain considering it's promising effects.

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion
Usually I'm skeptical about free samples I get in the mail, but Nivea has assured me. I was amazed at how this lotion moisturized my skin as I was showering. I don't think I've used a product like this before and am eager to purchase a full size bottle next time I'm in the market for body wash. According to, a 13.5 oz. bottle is available for just $5.99.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil
This is another product I was originally sent in the mail. I adore the smell and love the effect. Usually, when I get a hair moisturizer or dryness alleviator, I find it to be oily or overbearing. It usually produces an "I haven't showered in a week" look, but Dove is different. This company knows how to suit the needs of a woman on the go who wants to maintain healthy locks. This product helps me achieve those beauty goals and it's available at Walmart for $11.98 for a 3.38 oz. bottle.

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream
Burt's Bees has been one of my favorite beauty brands since middle school. I started with lip balm, then ventured into cuticle cream and beyond. Their coconut foot cream goes beyond. My feet usually feel rough, but I kid you not, after one use, they were softer already. Plus, the smell is natural and not overbearing. I just wouldn't put on socks or slippers immediately after applying the cream. The price range for this product varies, costing anywhere from about $6-9 for a 4.34 oz. bottle, which sounds a bit steep, but trust me, it's worth it.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
This product is a splurge moment. You may ask why anyone would pay over $100 for "facial toner," but once you discover this product you won't look back on your previous apprehension. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is truly unique and special in that it reduces redness and balances your complexion in just a few uses. I have only read high ratings and recommendations. SK-II's website offers sample size products for those on a stricter budget, but trust me, if you have the extra cash and are really looking for an outstanding product to try, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is it.

Olay Fresh Effects Face Wipes
The smell is the first great part about this product. I hadn't tried facial wipes with a scent before trying these, and am feeling more favorable about scented face wipes already. This was a product I was selected by Teen Vogue to try. Next time I need some makeup remover wipes, I'm definitely going to target them. Not to mention, these wipes also brighten your skin after application. This product is available at Walmart for $3.97 for a 25 ct. pack.

Rimmel London 25-Hour Warm Ivory Foundation
No foundation I've tried has worked better or lasted longer than Rimmel London's 25-Hour Foundation. I adore this product. It is usually available for around $5. I don't have to worry about it smearing or leaving a nasty, obviously caked-on look on my face. It blends naturally, which is even more impressive to say about a product as long lasting as this.

Hope you enjoy adding some new beauty products to your makeup shelf. Have fun searching.

Miss Trend She

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Picture This

Image for, by Miss Trend She

My week was pretty packed, which also meant it was pretty great. This week, I picked up on the term "busy fight," which according to my newspaper's Editor-in-Chief is a scenario where two people argue, or compete, about how busy they are, each of them trying to outdo the other in busyness.

I am not about to participate in that argument.

I find these types of arguments to be petty and unnecessary, which also seemed to be the consensus of opinion at our editorial board meeting, where we discussed the topic. At the end of the day being busy means different things to different people. Some people can just handle more than others and that's perfectly okay. We are who we are, and are not the result of other peoples' agendas, just our own.

I had a particularly fantastic week. I got to catch up with a graduated friend, among other good friends, over a delicious vegetarian burger at Point After, plus cocktails. I designed a banner for my television station, and got to cover the Chris Young concert in Bowler, WI at North Star Mohican Casino for an entertainment package that will be featured in this week's newscast on SPTV. If you're in the Point area, SPTV is viewable on Charter Channel 983. Otherwise, you can catch up on YouTube. Just search "SPTV at UWSP."

I'll admit it's hard to stay motivated when your plate looks like a buffet line you normally find greasy and indigestible, but the beauty in that is that you are allowed to customize your plate to suit your own hunger. I would never complain about things I love doing. If I didn't like doing them, I wouldn't take the time to. Sure, we all get burnt out, but it's nothing a little Vaseline can't fix, or whatever lotion equivalent you'd like to compare.

Going into this week, I hope you and I both remember that, "It is not because the task is difficult that we fear, it is because we fear the task is difficult." (Anonymous)

Go forth strong and do more than you expect of yourself. You might just be surprised at the things you can accomplish.

Miss Trend She