Friday, January 30, 2015

Zenni Optical Frame Review

Julia Rose for Miss Trend She, Image Copyright

I've never had terrible eye sight, which I am incredibly grateful about as a person with juvenile diabetes. The likelihood of developing poor eye sight tends to be a problem for people with the condition. I hope that my health continues in the future and for the sake of this post, I hope you all maintain or acquire good health for the foreseeable future.

That said, when looking for glasses I am apprehensive to spend a ton of money on a pair, because I hardly use them. I have a theory that my eyes will remain stronger the less I use my glasses, because I will be less reliant on the help they provide. I think it's proven itself so far.

My glasses are mostly put to use when I am driving or when I am sitting in the back of a classroom and cannot see the whiteboard or PowerPoint slide, whatever the matter. I am slightly near-sighted.

I had heard of Zenni Optical in the past and was apprehensive about ordering a pair of glasses online. Online shopping used to be a personal fear-factor of mine. It induced my nerves, but I've come to really enjoy shopping online in the past year because it is so accessible for a person on the go. And I usually am a person on the go.

Yes, sometimes you don't get the size or quality you thought you'd get from online shopping, but overall I love how vast the options are on the web compared to at the store, which may lead you to jumping from place to place trying to find your desired product. There's nothing quite like being able to sit at your desk in p.j.'s buying the things you need or desire from the comfort of your home at any time you prefer.

While browsing and during the ordering process, I questioned whether or not I had measured my pupillary distance correctly, but I managed to. This was my biggest freak out moment, but it's fairly easy to do. If you don't find it self-explanatory, ask your optometrist how to measure the distance, Google it or seek out a more knowledgeable individual, possibly a person who has ordered glasses online before.

These specs fit great and they only cost me $34.95, including shipping. All I needed to do was pick up my prescription from my optometrist to correctly fill it out online with Zenni. Easy!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Start a Vintage Love Affair this Valentine's Day

ModCloth has been one of my favorite websites to shop at since high school. They have beautiful, romantic pieces and just in time for Valentine's Day, ModCloth offers a variety of styles to choose from with 20% off select V-Day apparel.

Above, I've shared some of my favorite pieces that I'm leaning toward for the holiday season. They'll be lovely to have for events throughout the year too, which is what I really enjoy about them, their versatility.

Although I typically regard Valentine's Day as a consumer holiday (because it is), I can't help but admit I usually give into the hype of dressing in shades of red. It's too fun not to, right? (Just nod.)

What I find particularly attractive about the pieces I've shared above are the various shades of red and minimalist patterns. I'm always a sucker for a black and white combination. For my own personal tastes, I value simplicity as an alluring quality because it allows for flexibility with an outfit. You can re-wear and re-pair it with so many different pieces of your wardrobe.

Whenever I think of Valentine's Day, I think of old-school romance, particularly in film. I have to admit to you now that I have had an eternal crush on Laurence Olivier since watching him act in Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca." If you haven't seen it, you should. It's wonderful! You'll be entranced. (I was anyway.)

I don't care what you're doing this Valentine's Day, whether it's spending time with your romantic partner or your fun girlfriends. Dressing up makes you feel good. In fact, I would like to argue that the feeling of dressing up has impacted women in an encouraging, self-confidence infusing way since the dawn of fashion. I could be wrong. It's quite a statement to make, but I find, more often than not, there's always a reason to celebrate with friends and dressing up is usually a loyal significant other to a good night out. No reason required to re-decorate your wardrobe, just fun.

I suggest jazzing up your holiday with ModCloth. You'll feel movie-star savvy, whether pairing your cocktail with an elegant high-waisted skirt or red, strappy wedge. Everyone deserves at least a few minutes under the sun. Embrace yours this Valentine's Day and see what deals ModCloth has to offer.

Who knows, you may just begin a vintage love affair after all. In my case, it's too bad it's not with Laurence Olivier, but a girl can dream right? ...Or at least watch "Rebecca" as much as she pleases?

Dream sweetly. Befriend intimately and love wholly, but most of all, happy shopping!

Keep trendy,
Miss Trend She

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Acne Treatment Review: Exposed Skincare Introduces Natural Benefits

Image by Julia Rose for
I received an Exposed Skincare kit in the mail the other day, which included two bottles of Acne Treatment Serum, one bottle of Acne Body Wash, a face towelette and coupons for my next order. One coupon was worth $5 off a single product and the other coupon, $20 off three products.

Unlike most acne products I've tried in the past, this brand did not cause a stinging sensation. In fact, it was not irritating at all. This product has had an effect even after days of using it. My skin feels renewed and replenished. Exposed didn't dry out my skin, which I really appreciated, and best, it smelled like a fresh cup of green tea. It was not an overwhelming odor, but just fragrant enough to leave a kissable aura. If there were a fragrance that was "made for" faces, green tea might just be it.

The green tea extract in this product is meant to help heal and protect your skin. This product also includes other natural ingredients like tree oil, which is meant to promote healing, and benzoyl peroxide, which of course kills acne bacteria.

I have never had severe acne problems, but do experience small breakouts from time-to-time due to changes in my levels of stress and environmental impacts. Also, I know I shouldn't touch my face as much, but I tend to rest my chin on my hand as I'm re-reading articles or am typing up assignments. You've been apart of this picture, I'm sure.

Skincare Kit by Exposed Skincare, Photo by Julia Rose 
I also have had acne scars that have been visible on my face since high school. Nothing has helped clear these scars exceedingly, but I'm hopeful about this product's natural benefits. So far, so good!

I am really enjoying the quality of this product, especially for the price. I could feasibly purchase this product without breaking my checking or savings accounts in the future. This is something I am constantly concerned over as a college student and soon-to-be graduate. I graduate this May and will be paying off student debt at the end of the year. Insert the sarcastic "hoorah" right?

As a college student, finding a product that is equally compatible with my banking and skincare needs is hard to find, but Exposed Skincare has literally exposed new possibilities for my beauty regimen. This is a brand I could stick with. Insert actual "hoorah."

Julia Rose for Miss Trend She
The immediate pros I've noticed are the easy application, the fragrance of the product and affordability. I would recommend trying it if you are looking for a new acne routine, especially if you are a person who needs to manage breakouts from time-to-time or eliminate acne scars. This product is soothing and will leave a lasting impression on your skin without leaving a lasting impression on your finance tab. will not soon freak out at you for "overspending" on the monthly beauty budget you've accounted for.

Current skincare packages by Exposed include a variety of options for a variety of needs. To find out if you are compatible with this skincare company, I suggest visiting their website at

I would love to hear what you think of it when you order! Keep me posted, as I will you. Best wishes for clear skin and fine-smelling complexions.

Keep trendy,
Julia Rose

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

"What are you Doing After College?" and 8 Phases that Follow

"What are you doing after college?"

A note to soon-to-be college graduates.

1. It's not a question that you're supposed to find a personally satisfying answer to. Somewhere out there, probably in the great beyond, you'll figure it out, but you just want to shove a plate of cheese in your relatives faces with beer to boot, then get back to your college graduation party cake that you told your parents was unnecessary, but now realize was, is and forever will be completely necessary. TGIF (=Thank God it's frosting).

2. A few pounds later, it's still immensely frustrating that your drunk uncle who is disappointingly not Bobby Moynihan, is still asking, "So (insert name here), now what?"

3. "Well, hopefully something I like!" *Insert awkward laughter here* is only emotionally satisfying to people for so long. Give it a week or two, then come up with another one-liner. Just a disclaimer, those tend to dwindle faster the more you use them. Start writing your book now!

4. When you do not come up with a "worthy" answer after the hundredth time you are asked this question, here's a list of the "Top 10 Most Amazing Caves in Our World": Happy hiding!

5. ",,, are getting back to me soon, I'm sure" is an embarrassing answer for everyone, including your overly cluttered G-mail account that is just begging you to empty your trash bin, which is currently comprised of "Sorry the position has been filled"'s.

6. There is nothing cookie-cutter about how to get from point entry-level to point "dream job," and telling your friends and family you have no idea what you're doing is something you don't want to answer to, to. So, you decide to become a mime for the time being and hope they can take a hint.

7. "I'm figuring it out" is as good of an answer as you may have and if that's the case, you'll just have to accept that until you make something happen. Keep your head held high. Just remember, you have to be in the game to be a player. The bench can be cold, but it'll be worth the sit once you feel the heat of a good swing.

8. Despite lame baseball analogies bloggers try to spew to you, the truth is is that happiness, accepting and expecting that life is unexpected, having confidence in yourself and your abilities and being around the irritating people asking you what you're doing is probably your best new defensive strategy for the job market. Polish your resume, be proud of your accomplishments and be prepared to learn new skills and take on new challenges. Those people asking you this annoying, irritating, infuriating question are probably the same people saying, "She/he can do anything." You got this graduate. Now show the world why. Don't give them a chance to tell you no; give them every reason to say yes.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pochow Talks his Special Guy and Talk-Show Goals

Image Courtesy of Mark Pochow
Since last chatting with Wisconsinite and YouTube sensation Mark Pochow, Pochow detailed that he has maintained a job working social media for small businesses in Milwaukee, WI.

Pochow's current titles include Content Creator at Big Frame and Manager of Social Media and Email Marketing at NeoCloud Marketing. Big Frame manages Pochow's YouTube account and branding. Whereas, at NeoCloud, Pochow is in charge of managing the social media and email campaigns of clientel.

Pochow's impressive resume, which includes creating popular YouTube videos like "Sh*t Wisconsinites Say," "Coming Out to my Best Friend" and "WebMD in Real Life," is uplifted by a positive addition he has recently made to his personal life. Pochow says he has found a "special guy" who is "an amazing cook."

"Everything is going great," he said.

Pochow is still trying to adjust to living by himself and admitted living as a full-time adult is "really hard."

"Stay in school forever kids," he said.

Pochow's viral-video "Sh*t Wisconsinites Say" has been getting even more buzz lately. It's currently marked at 348,000+ views on YouTube.

"I think a blog picked it up," Pochow said. "Luckily, this started right when I was getting back into YouTube at the beginning of the year."

Pochow had recently taken some time off of YouTube to get to know his special guy. He is excited to reconnect with his audiences in new ways.

"I've got a bunch of messages lately telling me how much my positivity has helped them, which is amazing to hear," Pochow said.

Pochow has big ideas for creating content in 2015.

"Since most of my fan base is in Wisconsin, I'm trying to make more videos that target them," Pochow said. "I definitely want to stay as a Wisconsin vlogger for now."

Pochow hopes to collaborate with other YouTube faces and locals. Aside from doing more Wisconsin themed videos, Pochow aspires to incorporate LGBTQ+ and pop culture themes.

"I want to make videos that make people say 'Oh my gosh I've gone through the exact same thing,'" Pochow said. "There is a bunch of untapped humor that I can hopefully get to."

Pochow remarked the significance of popular YouTube vlogger Tyler Oakley's recent statement about the importance of providing captions on every video for the deaf and hard of hearing, so all audiences have an equal opportunity to enjoy content.

"Hopefully this year I can do that on all my past videos and proceed in the future," Pochow said. "I want to be able to reach all audiences."

Pochow hopes to convey an overall message of optimism and laughter with future productions.

"That's why the last phrase I always say in all my videos is 'Go make someone smile,'" Pochow said. "You never know what the person ahead of you in line at the grocery store is going through. Life is hard for everyone. Just a simple smile can turn anyone's day around."

Pochow's personal inspiration comes from YouTuber Glace Helbeig, who just signed on to have her own talk-show on the E! network.

"The reason she is my inspiration is twofold," Pochow said. "One, because I want to become her. I would love to be a comedian like her and have my own talk show someday, but second, on a more practical side, she shows that working hard and consistently perfecting your craft can get you to where you want to go."

Pochow hopes that if having his own talk-show doesn't work out, running the digital department of a major company does.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Souping Supports Healthy Lifestyle, Comes Fad-Free

Vivienne Vella (left) and Angela Blatteis (right)
Image Courtesy of Brielle Hubert &
After trying juicing herself, Vivienne Vella sat down for a lunch with her good friend, Angela Blatteis, to discuss what the market availability was for a healthy, truly fresh, non-GMO, non-dairy soup that was available to people in their homes. The two realized what limits the current market had and were inspired to create their own blend that met the needs of a fit community, but included more positive health benefits.

Together they founded Soupure, a company they also co-own.

"Angela and I both have three children and we agreed we needed to do something about this, from both a cleansing and healthy whole-meal standpoint," Vella said. "We decided to join together and create Soupure."

Vella is from the legal world, while Blatteis has a financial and business background. Both busy moms, they agreed their biggest motivation was to give their families quality food, sometimes in an expeditious way.

"I was also a juice cleanser and not one who had a good time with it," Vella said. "I would get the shakes and feel high. I liked the idea of a liquid cleanse, but wanted to try something different. Angela loves to cook and wanted to find alternatives to making a truly healthy soup at home."

Vella said there are slim to none products like theirs on the market.

"Our tastes and combinations make us stand apart," she said. "We don't believe in raw only. We think certain vegetables are more nutritious cooked. Nor are we totally vegan or no-fat. We believe in a good balance."

Unlike some cleanse programs, Soupure focuses on sustaining balanced health over the fad of cleansing itself.

"The fad of juicing often offers juices that are created through a process of pressing, which removes the juice of fresh fruit or vegetables from the fibrous skin and pulp," Vella said. "Cleanses based on fruit of the sweet variety can lead to blood-sugar spiking since the sugar buffering qualities of the finer have been removed."

Vella explained there is no point in de-energizing the body or depriving it of rich fibrous nutrients, especially since fiber is one of the main components used during detoxification that will dislodge and blind toxins so they can exit the body.

"We want to bring the fiber back to cleansing," Vella said.

Most cleanses offer a reduction in calories, so new mothers, mothers-to-be and children should refrain. People with illness, diabetes, a weakened immune system or anyone on prescription medication should talk to their doctors before starting a cleanse that is fruit-based or before starting a cleanse based on reduced caloric intake.

"With respect to a cleanse, we would love to serve any of these individuals any of our soups as a healthy meal, course, snack, beverage or post or pre-workout hydration," Vella said. "Our cleanses are great for anyone interested in a healthy, clean lifestyle, even if you're a person on the go."

Image Courtesy of Brielle Hubert &
Soupure is not just for adults. Vella said she and Blatteis both give their children cold soups as they are rushing out the door to get to school.

"Very few kids can pass up our incredibly nutritious and delicious Energize," Vella said.

Energize is comprised of organic strawberries and soaked and sprouted cashews. It is now being carried in select Los Angeles schools.

"We also share many of our hot soups with our families as a course or family meal," Vella said.

Soupure is now working on getting product shipped nationwide, a service that will likely become available in a few short weeks.

"Currently, we are door-to-door delivery in greater L.A. only, but stay tuned," Vella said. "We are also working on partnership out of state and internationally."

Soupure has even more recipes available than what is currently represented on their website.

"We just cannot produce and sell them all at once," Vella said. "We worked very hard with a team of people to come up with unique flavor combinations that utilize a vast array of super tasty, super healthy super foods."

Soupure's team is made up of individuals who have healed themselves of a variety of conditions through food, in particular through the use of many of the Eastern and Western super foods Soupure utilizes in their recipes.

"Our soup combinations are made to give your body what it needs, when it needs it," Vella said. "For example, it is important to warm the system, fend off colds and clear your gut first thing in the A.M. That's why we give you a bone or veggie broth to consume first thing in the morning."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

'Love Monkey' Shines on Passion of Founder and Collaborators

Image Courtesy of James London Facebook Page
Emmitt James, Founder of James London clothing, released a promo for his fashion short-film last Christmas that introduced his new and passionate concept line, Love Monkey, to fans.

James anticipates his concept line will officially be released sometime this February or March.

"It's important to have the pairing, because they complement each other," James said. "There's a concept behind every line James London releases. With those concepts are visuals that live and breath inside them."

James said being able to use moving images instead of still was important for capturing his audience's attention in a more compelling way.

"This is what the short-film set out to do," he said.

James hopes when people see the film for the first time, they don't just see a brand, but a lifestyle.

"I want them to sense a form of freedom through the cast and realize they too can achieve that freedom," James said. "Sometimes we call these people hipsters, but I think what we're really getting at is a group of people who found that freedom we are all looking for."

James said film invokes similar feelings of freedom for himself. He noted that seeing his vision realized on film is not the only artistic pleasure he has taken with him.

"I have this dream," James said. "I dream of one day buying or renting a house with probably six to ten rooms with some of my artsy friends and doing nothing but making art for six months. This would be music, photography, film, design, etc."

James served as Director, Co-Writer, Boom Operator and Casting Director for "Love Monkey." He plans to go on tour for the next six months to find a way to share what he has made with the world.

"These are the artsy friends in the film," James said. "That's the freedom I hope to attain and want people to feel when they are watching the film."

The shooting process for "Love Monkey" encompassed two days of filming, a total of seven hours for 11 minutes of video. James' inspiration for "Love Monkey" stemmed from ideas he had in high school.

"It wasn't until Spring 2014 I started thinking about making it into a short-film," he said. "Although 'Love Monkey' is my brain-child, I've never been the type to not be open to other ideas. Some of the cast members had great ideas before we shot the film and during."

James enjoys the collaborative process. He finds that projects with more depth in them tend to illicit a more impassioned response.

"Things that are concept-driven seem to stick more because they are hardy," he said. "The ideas have more depth to them."

Silvia Daly Bond as "Sofia" and Zach Olsen as "Lover Boy" acted the film's romantic relationship. James said having a romantic relationship in the film enhanced it's overall sense of freedom and pursuit.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rent the Runway will be your Best New Year's Resolution

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Rent the Runway is still having an amazing clearance sale on designer dresses, some priced for under $40. If you love renting from them but want to find a more permanent solution to upgrading your wardrobe now is the perfect time to do so. Dresses are getting snatched up, so act soon! 

Of course, rentals begin at just $30 too. You can choose from favorites like Philosophy, Vivienne Westwood, Zac Zac Posen, Versace and more to rent for special occasions coming up this year, whether you have a formal banquet at college, friend's wedding, relative's birthday, spring break trip or a special date planned for Valentines Day. 

I find, more often than not, there's always a good reason to dress up and rent. Treat yourself! Plus, you won't have to feel like you broke the bank by choosing Rent the Runway. For me, and I imagine most other college students, this is an innocent pleasure. When your friends or peers compliment you about what you're wearing, you'll love being able to tell them it's Vivienne Westwood or Versace. Fashion-happy will take on a whole new meaning. They'll probably be amazed and you won't forget your special occasion anytime soon.

Renting or buying online might seem a bit scary, I know (I've been there), but just remember, you can also get a backup size at no additional cost to you, which is an added bonus and compensation for not actually being able to try it on. Check out customer photos to see how women with your similar body shape have looked in the dress too. It's a very good indication about whether or not you'd rock it too.

Make a resolution to try new things this year. Rent or buy from Rent the Runway and explore the luxury of designer fashion likely for less than what you're paying for your monthly phone bill!

Have fun exploring what Rent the Runway can do for your wardrobe. Put a spark into your 2015 celebrations.

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