Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pro-Sustainability Fashion Designer Encourages Industry Movement

Yotam Solomon, Photograph by Jeff Beasley
In his adolescence, Yotam Solomon knew how to dress people. Unlike most children his age, Solomon was aware of what was trending, always giving adults advice about how to piece together parts of an ensemble to look more fashionable. 

"At age 8 I had decided to pursue classical music, and I decided to play the violin, which turned into art school and eventually graduated into the viola," Solomon said. "It was in high school, after winning a national award, that I decided to study fashion design in college."

Solomon's designs are eco-friendly. He strives to help his customers understand the meaning of sustainability and how they can help make fashion "cradle-to-cradle."

"Most people don't know, but fashion is actually the second largest polluting industry, which is horrifying to me as a designer," Solomn said. "It's important because fashion hurts us in many ways."

Solomon explained a most unique business methodology, consisting of a triple bottom-line model: 1. Profit, 2. People and 3. The Planet.

YOTAM SOLOMON Silver Collection, Jeweled Dress
Photograph by Dirk Mai
"By buying excessive amounts of cheaply made fashion goods, we are actually hurting our own economy, as everything has to be made overseas," Solomon said. "As consumers, we spend more than we should. We hurt people by not paying enough to have them earn a minimum wage and forcing them into poverty."

Solomon said factories and manufacturers use cheaper, more toxic materials and chemicals to process and finish fashion products, which destroy the environment and weigh heavily in clean-up cost efforts in taxes.

"As a citizen of the U.S.A., it's highly important for me to use local and domestic labor, clean and sustainable materials, and change fashion from being an end-cycle industry to a fully renewable system where there is no waste," Solomon said.

Solomon's goal is to work with more brands and corporations in both design and product development.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Lightweight Lavender Summers Provide Utmost Comfort

Image Courtesy of Parachutehomes.com
While we typically label summer as being May to August, or June to August, heat is bound to carry through the months of September and October on the East coast. Therefore, this blogger must prepare her apartment to endure these high temperatures...

If you too find yourself residing on the East coast, or anywhere in the world, enduring high temperatures past August, I recommend purchasing lightweight sheets to maintain mid-night comfort. It's important you feel relaxed during slumber to have the best work or play-day the next morning.

Image Courtesy of Parachutehomes.com
If you're like me and are too cheap to turn on your AC, but want to catch a breeze, open your windows and uncap a lavender-scented candle. You'll rock asleep to the lullaby of this soothing scent as it drifts on that perfect summer breeze.

Of course, if natural scents or breezes aren't an option, and counting sheep is so Serta-ago, you can always hop to the beach with a fun summer tote. Tote bags don't go out of style, and they're super easy to carry around. Pack your water bottle, sun lotion and favorite book (they still exist, and I recommend reading "Bossypants" by Tina Fey for laughs and a refreshing new concept.)

Enjoy a nap on the beach next to your best friend or significant other. Just make sure you pick a friend who's not too crazy to go to the beach with, or you could wake up in a sand cocoon if your nap lasts too long; but hey, if you like that sort of thing- go ahead!

Image Courtesy of Parachutehomes.com
For the best in home and lifestyle purchases, I recommend Parachutehomes.com as your source for comfortable home decor and bedding to beat the heat with. Parachute Homes encourages sleep and wellness through beautiful product production. Check out their latest summer line at Parachutehomes.com.

Sleep well my loves, you deserve to! Give yourself the most relaxing night possible when you go to bed with Parachute.

Miss Trend She

Monday, August 17, 2015

Made in Manhattan: Do What You Love

Manhattan is a gorgeous place, full of culture and diversity. Even the parts that are old or damaged have a certain charm. Perhaps I haven't explored it enough to realize it's strain- the hardships people face everyday, but hardships happen everywhere.

Having a difficult life and living a difficult life are two different things. Often, we can choose the meaning a situation has. It's in our control. Sometimes, I think we just get so wrapped up in a situation that we forget it's in our power to change our attitude and change our perceptions.

We have the power to be who we want to be, go where we want to go and live how we want to. It takes hard work, a little courage and a lot of perspiration, but all the sweat is worth it. They make deodorant, anyhow.

Image for MissTrendShe.com, Edited Using Canva
Build yourself up- that's what I challenge you to do this Monday. Do it for you. Say yes to you, because Jim Carrey wouldn't have it any other way, and he's a pretty smart guy.

"You can fail at what you don't want. So, you may as well take a chance at doing what you love." - Jim Carrey. 

Stop trying at something you don't want, and do something you love. It's in your power. Think the way you want to, be the way you aspire to be, and do the things you want. Empower yourself. There's no one better, and remember when it seems like no one else believes in you, I do, and you have a friend in this blogger.

We will keep moving forward.

Miss Trend She

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

4 Quotes to Move Forward With

Sometimes, when trying to find your own internal inspiration, the words of others speak louder than the ones that were mumbling inside your own head. The guidance of leaders and creatives before us are a light when you're struggling to find your own guide. These four quotes seemed especially enlightening on this forward-moving Tuesday...

I hope they help guide you as they have me. Happy travels this summer, and pleasant thoughts ahead.

Miss Trend She

Thursday, August 6, 2015

U by Kotex Provides Comfort to Fashion-Lovers

Image by Julia Rose for MissTrendShe.com, Edited Using Canva.com
Working in fashion on the East coast, I feel an increased importance for myself to maintain personal comfort from head to toe.

Whether it be while setting up clothing racks or traveling across the country for trade shows, taking care of my body is always a priority. One way I take care of myself is by using U by Kotex new Curve Liners, which are designed to accommodate daily unexpected movement- a true God send!

The ever-admirable Coco Chanel once said "Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and Love." I could not agree with her more. When wearing my favorite clothes, I want to be comforted by them in addition to feeling passionate about what I'm wearing. 

Love and passion for fashion can co-exist with U by Kotex. When that time of the month hits, the brand allows me to experience both these feelings with ease. Discomfort is never in fashion. U by Kotex realizes this first-hand. The brand is living this mantra, providing support to fashionistas in need of comfort and flexibility. 

Image for MissTrendShe.com, Edited Using Canva.com
For a limited time, U by Kotex is giving free samples of their Curve Liners and Lightdays Liners when you visit https://ooh.li/c5e2b4c. Request your free sample today, so when you're dreaming about wearing Chanel tomorrow, as I will likely be, you can pose for a selfie with a happy face.

Share your best selfies that show what you think un-comfy feels like with U by Kotex at bringbackcomfy.com to be entered to win some amazing prizes! 

When I'm comfy, I always feel more confident. Join the movement toward fashionable flexibility and ease. Move toward your best self! Try Curve Liners or Lightdays Liners to experience what body-positive change really feels like.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

8 of the Most Inspiring Quotes from Her Conference 2015

Made using Canva for MissTrendShe.com

While attending Her Conference 2015 I had the privilege to listen to many influential women speak, women who empower and strive toward their goals everyday. These women are leaders. They are real people with honest advice who I truly feel are here to help advance the world toward the greater good.

Here are the top quotes I collected from my experience at Her Conference 2015. Enjoy! I hope they inspire you as much as they have me-

1. "Trust what got you here." - Michelle Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine

2. "You deserve to earn everything." Neha Gandhi, VP of Editorial Strategy at Refinery29

3. "Take big risks. Fail forward." - Neha Gandhi, VP of Editorial Strategy at Refinery29

4. "We're going to make it." - Nessa, Girl Code Star and Radio Personality

Made using Canva for MissTrendShe.com
5. "It's not fair to you to try and be perfect. You are perfectly
imperfect." - Nessa, Girl Code Star and Radio Personality

6. "If you don't fail, you won't succeed." - a Her Campus 

7. "Just be human." - Michelle Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine

8. " Stop being average at everything and be a rock star at one thing." Hilary Rushford‪#‎GIRLBOSS‬ and Instagram Influencer

Monday, July 27, 2015

Be Perfectly Imperfect

Be Perfectly Imperfect
I was afraid I wouldn't be able to attend Her Conference 2015 because I was sick the day before, but I managed to power up early in the morning, get on a bus to New York and sit through what could probably be named the best seven hours I've had in New York to date.

I knew I could rest on Sunday, and I didn't want to miss this opportunity on Saturday, July 25 to attend the conference, where I learned more about social media, leadership and the publishing industry from ultra-inspiring and influential women.

What I experienced was so motivating. I was inspired to aspire to be better in all I do, but, at the same time, and with much appreciation, I was resolved with the fact that I am perfectly imperfect.

I was lucky enough to attend a panel with Girl Code stars Carly Aquino and Nessa, plus Dr. Diana E. Ramos, MD, MPH and FACOG, at the beginning of the conference.

They told me just what I needed to hear, that it's not fair of oneself to strive for perfection, in fact, it's exhausting and might be annoying for friends to watch and be a part of. "Relax," Nessa said, "We all get there somehow. We're going to make it." We must accept ourselves the way we are and fail forward; if plan A doesn't go as planned, there's always a plan B.

That said, a large part of the discussion was also about Plan B, which you may know as the morning after pill. Throughout the discussion, many misconceptions were addressed and the panelists identified myths about the pill.

The first statistic that struck me was that 76% of women admitted to lying to loved ones in order to appear perfect. While this statistic could apply to a number of situations, the panelists decrypted several other statistics I was surprised by.

Some of you may not know that you don't have to wait to take the morning after pill until the actual morning after. In fact, the sooner you take it, the better. You have 72 hours to take it after your "oops" moment, as it was so called during the panel discussion.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dear Me, Just Do You

I haven't written a personal note in a while, mostly because I'm unsure what to say. There are a lot of things I am figuring out: things I can't believe I have to figure out, things I want to figure out and things I'd rather let fall to the leeway.

So here's a quick letter, for you and I both-

"Adulthood" is nothing I expected. I am growing everyday in different ways, but who I am in my core has not changed. I didn't expect anything of being an "adult," so there you go. You never can really know what to expect- of life, of yourself, of others- It's a mystery. Settling with the fact that life is a grand mystery is unsettling to me.

As a person with type 1 diabetes, my life has always been about control and management. Being out of control is not ideal for me for this reason. There are some things I'm able to play puppet master to, and I am becoming more resolved with the fact that some things don't need a puppet master. I am an easy-going person at the end of the day. I am a flexible worker. Knowing that about myself has made moving across the country less difficult, but, to be honest, I am still trying to figure out who I am in this new place. New adventures are ahead. I don't know what they are and I accept that.

Life can be a fog, but I think I will daylight will clear the way sooner rather than later. Figuring life out as a post-grad is nothing a Bachelor's degree can prepare you for. Education is important, and experience is simply vital. I cannot stress that enough. You will never understand yourself fully until you're stationed in new surroundings.

I'm not 100% sure who I am here yet, but, if I'm being honest with you and myself, I know I trust me- I trust my dreams, my goals and my ambition. Moving here was saying yes to me, and I think that's the reason I've been feeling conflict lately, that I'm finding my place and am identifying "the new me" as I go. I will not let my life pass me by without meaningful circumstance. This life and these experiences I am having matter so much, both the struggles and happy moments. You will never realize how happy those happy moments are without experiencing the bad ones.

So here's to the good, the bad, the ugly, the mystery that is this life. You, me and the neighbors we bother for plumbing services- we'll all figure it out in the end, at least, that's what we'll envision for ourselves and aspire toward.

Here's to going for it! May the force of your own nature be with you, always.

Miss Trend She

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5 Daily Deals on my Summer Wishlist

*This post is sponsored by eBay but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My summer wishlist isn't just full of experiences in New York City, but fashion to make those experiences feel even more memorable. Plus, some beauty products to complement the perfect summer night's dream, looking over the Hudson River at the beautifully lit Manhattan cityscape.

Thanks to eBay deals, I won't have to worry as much about the cost of a ferry ticket or lunch at Potbelly's. The last thing I want to think about when I'm eating a sandwich chock full of hummus and veggies is whether or not I'll be able to afford my next fill-up at the gas station. eBay is going to keep me in check this summer with their daily deals. I've discovered 5 in particular that make my summer most-wanted wishlist achievable.

1. Ballet Flats
Because every woman needs a good pair of these in her closet, for $10.99 you can't go wrong. I found Pierina Ballet Flats Womens Loafers Shoes Genuine Leather Lined by Alpine Swiss on eBay deals. Usually, I'm apprehensive about buying shoes online because my feet have such a funny shape, but I feel pretty comfortable about purchasing these. Ballet flats are an easy-on, easy-off shoe, and for a price that won't turn my post-grad bank account into a deep depression, I'm happy to invest. I'm eyeing the black pair to match easily with any outfit.

2. Toms Shoes
I adore this line, not just because their shoes are so stinkin' cute, but because of their valuable mission to send shoes to people who need them across the world. I found TOMS Classic Canvas shoes that are almost out of stock on eBay Deals, because they're such a hot item. For the price of $29.99, 33% off the original $45 value, these shoes are an easy "yes"! I have my eye on the olive tone, the perfect fall statement color.

3. Burberry by Burberry
Burberry is one of my favorite smelling fragrances. One of my first great friends in college wore this perfume, and I have always admired the smell. Usually, when I see this brand in stores, it's quite a bit more expensive. I find when you need a strong perfume for the right price, you usually spend your money driving around to find it. On eBay Deals, I'm one click away from this 3.3/3.4 oz. bottle of Eau De Parfum Spray for Women for  $24.99, 57% off their original value of $45.01, in the comfort of my pajamas.

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
If you haven't tried SK-II Facial Essence, now's the time- Seriously, the best toner of my life! Before trying SK-II Facial Treatment Essence I hadn't considered a need or desire to purchase this type of beauty product, but now, whenever I see it on sale, I jump at the opportunity to re-own it. This product changed my skin, and I am ever grateful to its wondrous powers. It may sound like an exaggeration, but trust me as a previous skeptic when I say, you will thank yourself and your skin will thank you too. This product totally makes my summer wishlist thanks to eBay Deals that has it marked at $84.99 for a 5-piece set. This is 50% off its original price, so it beats buying it from the company website too.

5. Makeup Brushes
I am so bad at changing my makeup brushes. It's hard to find a quality set that satisfies the need for new ones. The Natural Bamboo Handles I found on eBay Deals are an 11-piece set for $10.79. That's less than $1 a brush! For that good of a deal, I won't feel too bad about failing to wash my brushes in-between morning makeup applications.

Since moving to the East coast, I have loved shopping online. It's a lot easier for me to do, so when I find good deals, I'm even more inclined to be leisurely and enjoy my lazy Sundays. Though today is Tuesday and work is just around the hour, eBay deals has me feeling that much closer to those happy weekend vibes.

Thank you to eBay for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to try their Daily Deals!