Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#SmileStyle this Holiday Season

Image of Julia Rose, taken by Julia Rose
for www.misstrendshe.com
My smile style this holiday season is a red lip my friends, because no beauty trend feels quite as good as a mauve colored lip stain on the rim of a hot chocolate mug. Of course, the hot chocolate inside my mug will be dark chocolate flavored with mint undertones.

I'm so excited to indulge!

I'm sure you know the feeling of wanting to wipe your beauty identification off of your mug with a tissue, but there are so many reasons to keep it there, as I'm sure you also understand the feeling of secretly wanting to sustain your lip stain, because it appears like a finely orchestrated commercial. You want to hold on to the feeling of holiday bliss and lipstick perfection.

Plus, with sparkly ornaments decorating your holiday background and maybe a fake pine tree centered in your living room, nothing feels quite as sentimental as cozying yourself up in a warm winter sweater with a few of your favorite things to surround you.

This holiday season is all about trying new shades of lipstick with your many cardigans, turtle necks and cable knits to compliment your array of lipstick shades. It's always fun to experiment with new shades of lipstick and there are so many varieties of brands to choose from.

The holidays are always an uplifting way to begin new beauty regimes, as beauty gift packages are in full flight and opportunities to try them are just as vast.

Whether sunny or snowy, showing your smile style is important as it contributes to the essence of not just your beauty trendsetting game, but your family values. Your smile style will contribute to a decadent, positive holiday atmosphere for your loved ones and yourself. No one will forget your lip-to-cheek kisses and your family certainly won't forget how every smile you showed lead to more smiling all around.

Don't forget that if you're wearing a red lip like me, to not be afraid to have a Santa cookie or two! There's always room for sugar, beginning with your beautiful attitude and ending with a portion controlled plate of egg, sugar, baking soda, salt, margarine, vanilla extract and flour baked into a holiday masterpiece. Keep your secret ingredients in mind my friends.

That said, here's to happy holidaying, starting with your beautiful smile.

Keep trendy,
Julia Rose


I am very excited to share with you all, the Public Service Announcement I created for my campus television station, SPTV. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to open yourself up to conversation about juvenile diabetes this month, this November and beyond. I am always happy to discuss juvenile diabetes with you. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Let's get rid of juvenile diabetes once and for all.


Friday, October 24, 2014

'The Pointer,' Article Sharing

Today I'm inviting you to read some recent articles I wrote for my campus newspaper, "The Pointer." I hope you enjoy reading about a variety of topics, focused on a variety of wonderful people like Laura Osnes, Mark Pochow and Academy Award Winner, Peggy Rajski.

"Osnes Expands Professional Passion Post 'Cinderella'"

"Wisconsin Vlogger Talks YouTube Popularity"

"Academy Award Winner Epilogues Communication Week"

Happy weekending friends. Click each title to be redirected to these articles.

Keep trendy,
Julia Rose

Why so Serious?

"Laughing Friends," Image from http://www.laughingmom.com/

Good morning all.

I apologize I haven't posted much this week. I've been trying to lie low, even from my own blog, which I really enjoy working on, but I have taken this week in as a breath of self-reflection. I needed to do this. Lately, I've been feeling very unsure about who I am. I know who I am, or more like who I want to be, in my career, but who I am personally is a very different story.

I think it is for all of us. We're a different self at work and at school than who we are at home.

I don't want to go into too much detail as to maintain a bit of privacy, but I will tell you that I tend to focus a  majority of my energy on academia and career prospects, because honestly, that's all I have had to focus on for the majority of my college career.

With the absence of a exuberant personal life, I have felt intensely analytic of myself during the past few weeks. In truth, I just want to smile and have fun. I've been feeling deprived of this basic human experience lately and it's very odd to feel this way...

I've never been a party girl and I don't intend to be, because I wouldn't be being honest to myself if I tried to be a one. I think society tends to associate fun with this label, and it's just not true, because no matter who you are, you have the capability to have fun in life. Lately I've been missing late nights in friend's basements, listening to music and doing nothing, you know what I'm talking about, right? -When you're all sitting around a television screen without your phones, laughing about the day's events and planning ridiculous adventures?

Doing nothing with people you love isn't anything you can achieve in a classroom or workplace. There's a certain nostalgia that is absent in a place of serious intention.

This weekend, I will make my best effort to create the experiences I desire for myself. I hope that whatever frame of mind you're in, you do the same.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend all.

Keep trendy,
Julia Rose

Sunday, October 19, 2014

4 Simple ingredients for a Homemade Green Tea Facial

Image by Miss Trend She on www.misstrendshe.com
This facial mask is something I developed while experimenting with various ingredients around my kitchen the other day. Not only is it energizing for your skin, but it also helps clear away blemishes. The ingredients are simple and fairly priced. Here's what you need:

1. 3 tsp. Honey
2. 1 tsp. Skim-Milk
3. 1 tsp. Ginger
4. 1 bag of Green Tea

Start by adding the honey in a small bowl, then add your skim-milk, making sure not to over pour. Next, add the ginger to your mixing bowl. Continue to stir. Finally, take a bag of green tea from your pantry and open it up carefully. Stir it's full contents into your mixing bowl. Mix until your mix is fairly even in texture and tone. It is recommended, but not necessary that you transfer your mix from your small mixing bowl into a small jar. You will have some mix leftover, so you may as well save it to use for another in-home spa day.

Let your mix sit in the refrigerator for about a half hour before using to let the ingredients settle further and encourage a thicker consistency for easier application.

After your half hour is up, apply your facial mixture to your face and let it sit for another half hour. When the half hour is up, wash your face with warm water to clean away. Rub your face gently as you do so.

I hope you enjoy a fresh feeling once you complete this process.

Have fun & keep trendy,
Julia Rose