Sunday, November 23, 2014

10 Things You'll Call Your 'Boyfriend' This Holiday Season

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1. Peppermint Mocha's at Starbucks
Because there's nothing quite like sipping a peppermint flavored beverage with chocolate undertones, mixed with all the good vibes of caffeine. It keeps you motivated all day long and feeling warm. What could be better? And those layers! Delicious.

2. Holiday Gifts
No matter what you're celebrating, receiving gifts from loved ones, or even non-material words of joy, is like the birth of the holiday spirit all over again. You feel renewed each time you engage in this exchange and are happy to hold it in your arms and experience it's good intentions. No harm or misleading messages, just happy go-lucky holiday vibes.

3. Fireplaces
While some of your friends may be snuggling up next to their significant other on a sofa impressed by the scent of pine and eggnog, you take pride sitting next to a fireplace that you can dismiss or linger with for whatever amount of time you please. No strings attached. The easiest, most fiery relationship of your life. (Sorry, had to!)

4. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows
Because when you can't afford to spend time with boyfriend #1, hot chocolate with marshmallows is always available and you love it for that. Nothing's quite as sweet or accessible. Hot chocolate with marshmallows is your ultimate comfort bae, and you know it's quite happy to be. This mutual understanding is your ultimate bliss. It's like mistletoe is always dangling above your cloud of chocolaty, marshmallow-goo love. Cue the googly-eyes.

5. Holiday Sweet Treats
Your mom hand-picked them at the grocery store, so you know they're already parent approved. Perfection! Though you aren't necessarily able to enjoy them in great amounts throughout the year, your relationship is strengthened, because each time you are able to enjoy them it's like falling in love all over again. It's your ultimate long-distance relationship you're happy you get to savor during the holiday season.

6. Winter Accessories
Your matching scarf, hat and mitten set would otherwise be thought of as lame or weird, but this relationship accepts you for your weird matchy-matchy, control freak quirk. You're in a very understanding place and are enthralled by the lack of complication your relationship has. Plus, let's talk about that protection from frostbite. Such a thoughtful relationship.

7. Michael Buble
Unfortunately, Buble's 'boyfriend' title has already been claimed in matrimony by the beautiful Luisana Lopilato. Let's be real though, that still won't stop you from calling him your boyfriend every time you turn your holiday playlist on, on Spotify. No one sings "Baby It's Cold Outside" like Buble does. Chills. That voice is "so delightful" with all of his modern Frank Sinatra seduction.

8. After-Holiday Sales
Because nothing spoils you quite as rotten as BOGO's, 90% off clearances, "Everything Must Go"'s and the indisputable re-stocking that accompanies tearing down what merchants call 'old,' but you'll love to call new in 2015. This is the relationship that just keeps on giving. You're always in awe.

9. Netflix
Let's face it, you practically already have a song together ("I'll Be There" by Jackson 5). You know it'll always be there for you and that you both love popcorn. What more do you need? This relationship is your simplest and most loyal. Netflix is always up for anything too and you love it's go-to attitude.

10. Your Actual Boyfriend
Not everyone has the same privilege you do and you know it. That's why you feel so lucky to be in love around the holidays and that you get to spend it with someone who matters so much...but, for those without a significant other, the joy of being surrounded by friends and family is just as uplifting and affirming.

The holidays truly are 'happy' after all, whether you're spending them with a bag of holiday Oreos, caressing your new wool sweater or are hugging an actual human being. Take joy in the little things and seek humor in your happenstances. Remember, there's no present greater than time.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gift-Giving Questions, Answered

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I'll begin this post by being honest and telling you there is no such thing as the perfect gift, but there is such thing as having good intention. With any good attitude, your family is sure to pass off the Christmas cookies for your sweet sense of holiday. Okay, that's a lie too. (I'm probably getting coal for Christmas now.) Who passes on a Christmas cookie? Honestly? That last expression was so Hallmark, I can't even handle it.

No family is perfect and from my experience, we don't all look like we're supposed to be splattered on a card rack at Walmart. Usually, it looks more like last minute card shopping, spewing through sale racks and digging up the best chocolates from the bottom of a Godiva barrel. (You know, when Black Friday comes thrice a year?)

Knowing your family is knowing what to gift them for the holidays. If you can't afford to buy them gifts, don't fret. There's a lot of other ways to show them how much you care. Make a photo slideshow or collage. Do something creative. There's a certain fun for everyone involved when you're participating in DIY projects. Try on your creative genes for size this holiday- you never know what could come of it.

For those who would rather shop at a mall, here's my advice:

Paying attention to your family throughout the year is important. 

Listening to what your loved ones are telling you is crucial for thoughtful gift-giving. If you haven't done such a good job of that this year, it's not too late to pick up the slack. Pick up your phone you're always snap-chatting on and ask them what's new! Sometimes just engaging in conversation with them will give you an idea of what to put under the tree this season for dear 'ole Mom, Dad and sister Susan (or whatever her birth certificate calls her).

Ask yourself some important questions: What do they have already? What would they not get themselves? What are their favorite things? What's something they're always talking about? What are their favorite sweet treats they won't let themselves indulge in?

Think happy. There's always a way, I have found, to stay on a budget when shopping. Just don't set too high expectations for yourself. Your family is probably just glad to have you home for the holidays after all. There shouldn't be too much pressure on you to buy them extravagent gifts. These are the people you love most- they're just happy to have a hug most times!

Good luck with your gift-giving experiences this holiday season.

Keep Trendy,
Julia Rose

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Friday, November 21, 2014

An Equation for Absolute Leisure

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My evening was so enchanting, I just had to share it's recipe-

Baked Potato Pizza


A Chamomile & Lavender Bubble Bath



(Maybe in that order, maybe together, maybe not. You decide which way you'd like to glorify your relaxing evening and then go from there. You'll never look back, just soak.)

Keep Trendy,
Julia Rose

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Article Share

This week, I am sharing my article from The Pointer at UWSP called "Norton Prepares to Premiere False Colors." Norton, founder of Remote Station Entertainment, talks finding the "perfect cactus" and the appreciation he had for his wife's undeniable role she played in the success of the production. Read more about the film by clicking the link below.

"Norton Prepares to Premiere False Colors"

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

French, Pumpkin Pie & Other "Obstacles"

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My raven hair is fading.

A French test is coming.

Winter is thick and cold.

And Thanksgiving will make me full- of family, friends and pumpkin pie.

Today, if this test goes wrong, at least my glam game will have prospered.

So here's to you Miss Winter & the end of this loaded semester that will come barren with the fade of a white horizon, which covers skies from December to an ironic Wisconsin May.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

21 Things I Learned Before 21

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1. Forever21 is called Forever21, because it's the only store you'll be able to "eternally" afford as you wallow through the debt you'll be paying off at the end of your college career. Goodwill is also a highly considerable option. #MeantToBe

2. Caffeine is meant to be enjoyed. (Regardless of what studies show or don't show.)

3. When someone tells you your hands smell like ketchup, it's not a bad thing, because it likely indicates you just indulged in a vent-worthy session of McDonalds with a close friend. Oh the sodium-enriched nostalgia!

4. There will always be a person in your life that drives you absolutely insane, but lucky for you, there's a counter-balance, because you'll always have a friend that you have a quirky, incomprehensibly wonderful relationship with.

5. A healthy-cynicism is the best medicine for dealing with failure and fruitfulness. Sarcasm is for the savvy smartened soul. (How'd you like that alliteration?)

6. Someone will always tell you coffee is bad for you, but you'll drink it through your life regardless and that's okay. Sip slowly, enjoy copiously.

7. Everybody has "something" and you have to accept that "something" about yourself. There's no way around what makes you different. Your "worse off" is the same as someone else's, just a bit askew from their own individual understanding. You will always be experiencing a pitfall, just make sure to prop yourself back up from your shortcomings and rise. You have the power to be confident, cool and collected.

8. Grades aren't everything. (Are you shocked yet?)

9. Whatever you do, do what makes you happy most often. Pursue that and embrace it for the reasons it drives you toward success or smiles.

10. It's okay to do things your parents once told you were bad. You realize they were just trying to protect your childhood and you're happy for your conserved innocence. It's okay to break free from previous restrictions. You realize those fences were slowly disassembled long ago.

11. Getting away from your phone and getting to know people in front of you is typically a more worthy experience. It's important to not forget how to talk to one another. In-person people skills lead to more satisfying, rich relationships.

12. Money isn't everything.

13. Friends and family are always worth putting first, but t's okay to be selfish sometimes and do things just for you.

14. Cake on your birthday is necessary, even if you don't have a piece. It's emblematic of the celebration of your life and you should be proud of your accomplished years.

15. Whoever you see in the mirror, you are beautiful. You're only one you and you always will be. There's no point in comparing yourself to someone else. Focus on you and your cards will fall into place as you wish, if you want them to. You have the power to make the life you want.

16. Pushing yourself when no one else will, will keep you motivated and moving in a clear direction. Even if you're not sure what path you're traveling down, being busy tends to lead to exceptional experiences.

17. Say your opinions. Be honest and don't let others talk down to you about who you are or what you have done.

18. Try everything and anything. Sometimes it's good to be the "Yes Man."

19. This is 2015. If you're 21 and you don't have a significant other, you better not be sweating it unless your doing some hard work on a treadmill. Don't let others define you. Being in a relationship can be a great experience, but it's not what should make or break your life experience. Successful relationships with others stem from honest relationships with yourself, which includes your needs, thoughts and feelings. Respond to those first and foremost.

20.  Your mom will never stop calling or texting you to ask if you are eating enough, have money for laundry, got an annual flu shot or just to say "What's new dear?" - And even though you're kind of annoyed, you're mostly really appreciative you have a mom who cares enough and manages to give those huggy feelings via your Motorola G.

21. Everything will be okay.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


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Sorry I haven't been too savvy on writing for Miss Trend She lately. What can I say? The semester has been cracking down on me with a slew of projects and final tie-ups.

What I do have to share is my summertime find from Sunshine and Curls on these Joseph Gordon Levvitt inspired earrings that I just adore and paired with a black cardigan and red and black flannel today.

Needless to say, I was still not warm, because in Wisconsin, winter comes twice a year and five times on Tuesdays.

Keep trendy (& warm),
Julia Rose

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