Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Would You Communicate with your Mother that Way?

By Vera Kratochvil [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I don't care what you do or who you are in this life, but what I do care about is how you treat others throughout it. Sure, it matters what we do and that we have goals, but if we treat others poorly along the way, I must wonder, how fulfilling are those goals that we achieve anyhow?

How full is a life without love or respect for others?

It starts at birth.

An article published by dailymail.co.uk explained that a mother's presence helps nourish a baby's brain cells. That article can be found here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2697589/Nurture-nature-Loving-mothers-boost-babys-intelligence-stimulating-growth-brain-cells-study-claims.html

This article also tells that almost as soon as a child is born, that child is naturally inclined to develop natural attachments to it's mother.

Professor Regina Sullivan of New York University told thedailymail.co.uk that her research showed how, in mammals, "the mother's sensory stimulation helps sculpt and mold the infant's growing brain." As a result, the infant is exposed to positive mothering and is prone to define the role of 'nurturer' early on in their life. *http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2697589/Nurture-nature-Loving-mothers-boost-babys-intelligence-stimulating-growth-brain-cells-study-claims.html

Surely, we're not all mothers. I have to wonder, despite this fact, if it's true we should all attempt to take on a motherly type of role in our lives.

My mother has never cared about a computer. I'd like to credit her with a "God Bless You" for this, and not because she sneezed.

Rarely do I see interaction among people anymore. (If you count social media, you might be mistaken.) Yes, social media is interacting- in a way, but lately, I have found it to be a cold form of interaction among people.

More often than not, I would rather recieve a smile than a selfie via Snapchat. I would rather have a conversation face-to-face than Facebook-to-Facebook. I would rather feel the warmth of someone's hand than see their breathe while Skyping them on a cold Wisconsin evening in the midst of October.

Our technology is wonderful, and yes, sometimes helpful and necessary. It helps us maintain connections, but I think that somewhere along the way we forgot how to connect face-to-face, when we actually have the opportunity to do so. We have the opportunity presented to us everyday. We forget to look.

We've stopped using email or Facebook to connect with our friends from across the world, and instead, interact with our neighbors down the hall or roommate who's literally a wall away from you and a face-to-face conversation. It might not feel or seem shameful to engage in this sort of behavior, but it is a detriment to our well beings.

I wonder, often, at the end of our lives, what statistics will procure as a result of our habits:

"Generation X spent X amount of time on the internet, compared to their predecessors who spent X among of time on the internet."

(Can you see the sickening headline yet? [When's the last time you took a walk with someone through a park?])

You could argue our access and reasons for that access, is greater, and you'd be right, but I can also argue that our responsibility is too. (I hope I'd be right.)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Angela & Roi Present Handbags for Charity

Minimal Bucket Bag from Angela & Roi on http://www.angelaroi.com/collections/minimal-bucket-bag;
"Minimally designed, bucket-shaped shoulder bag, made of soft vegan leather." $110

Looking at this bag by Angela & Roi may put you at a stand-still for a second- it's a bag, right? Not a big deal. It looks like a pin you put on your 'Style' Pinterest board and move along from, correct? Well, this handbag, like many featured on Angela & Roi's fabulous site, may be worth staring at for a few seconds longer. In fact, you may just have to throw in the towel and tell yourself you were wrong about your presumptions.

Angela & Roi doesn't just strive to make tasteful, beautiful fashion, but they strive to make tasteful, beautiful fashion for charity.

"For these new handbags, we've focused on our core mission to support cancer and disease fighters and to ethically make them with animal-friendly materials," they agreed.

Screenshot taken from www.angelaroi.com
Angela & Roi's process for consumers is simple. Pick a bag and choose a color you like, whether it's for the reason that you like the bag or the charity that color belongs to; part of the proceeds will always go toward a good cause.

At the foot of the website, you'll find what charities in particular that Angela & Roi collaborate with: Colon Cancer Alliance, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Melanoma Research Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, Joslin Diabetes Center, Lung Cancer Alliance, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Keep a Child Alive, American Childhood Cancer Association, PreventCancer.org and the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

That's a mouthful of charities, wouldn't you say? It's perfect, because although you personally pick and choose as a consumer, you can buy in peace, knowing that not everyone buys the same color bag as you. Angela & Roi's proceeds are pretty widespread, because they work with multiple foundations to hope to bring relief to struggling people who are coping with incurable diseases.

Plus, they create a perfect excuse to buy fashion, am I right?

Angela & Roi is "Changing the World with Handbags." Their founders, Angela & Lee Roi, are entrepreneurs with passions for fashion and meeting their philanthropic goals. The pair met at a cocktail party in Boston. Roi was studying at Boston University and Angela at Northeastern. Since then, according to their 'About' page, they have been on a mission to bring love to their relationship and to the world, beginning with some beautifully spirited handbags.

Learn more about the handbags and Angela & Roi's mission here: http://www.angelaroi.com/

Sunday, September 28, 2014

8 Questions you ask yourself about Graduate School

By Mathew Ingram [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

1. What about the cost?
Most of us are already loaded in debt, so the idea of adding more to your tab hardly seems appealing. In this case, you avoid dessert- if you can even call it that- calories. Cost is undoubtedly the college-food equivalent to calories; and we all get fat one way or another, unless you're one of the 'lucky' ones that has parents who have made your bill thin. Darn you.

2. Will it really pay off?

You wonder what it is you're really spending your money on, of course, everything's what you make it, but what makes it right? Hm.

3. What about what I just did? (A.k.a. My undergrad.)

You contemplate if undergraduate school was enough: you were involved in extra curricular activities, volunteered and did pretty darn well in classes, but you wonder if you'll be able to find jobs regardless. What is it that will make your resume stand out? Is it per individual or per place of employment that gives you a one-up by comparison? What will the determining factor of getting a job be for you? Oh, the risks and uncertainty!

4. Do I need it?

You wonder if all attractive jobs require you to go to graduate school and ask yourself how far reaching you should be. 'If I want to be this, then this'... How long can you play the if-then game?

5. What about my family?

When your family starts expressing their opinions about cost, location and relevancy, you begin to question everything even more- starting with yourself and ending with the 2 point quiz you just slaughtered, because you're that distracted from your undergraduate degree that you're still finishing, because of the looming shadow of graduate school. 

6. What about my friends?

When your friends are not middle-ground; they're either for certainly on their way to graduate school or are for seriously ready to open up a coffee shop, you question things even more, a lot more, a whole lot of sugar and spice and everything not-so-nice more. Then, you start using some serious Facebook-frequent acronyms in too many face-to-face settings to describe your feels about all the feels you've been feeling lately. #DontEvenMakeMeStartAboutYourHashtagUsage #Shoosh

7. What about food?

You begin to get a bit ridiculous, possibly, maybe even a bundle ridiculous, because you are seriously considering how your nutrition will either decline because of the cost of tuition and living. Will I be reduced to the sodium in my Ramen noodles- will I end up living in a box that those Ramen noodles come in, you wonder?

But, what it all comes down to is...

8. Should I or shouldn't I?

Because despite the rest of your questions, at the end of the day a decision like this is all about you. It's your life- you decide. Take a breath- you'll get there.

*Read this post on Thought Catalog: http://thoughtcatalog.com/julia-flaherty/2014/09/8-questions-youll-ask-yourself-about-graduate-school/

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Channeling Liz Lemon

Today was just another day. That's all it was and how boring is that?

In retrospect, it wasn't- not at all. I don't mean to be cliche, but we truly need to appreciate everyday in order to enjoy our lives. I'm not the best at it- I'll admit it.

I anger over the silliest, stupidest things- when technology doesn't work, when I know I should not have eaten that last scoop of peanut butter, when that cup of coffee at your favorite cafe (my favorite cafe) went up by 20 cents. Silly. (Silly cafe.)

We're all a bit silly and in one way or another our lives are like sitcoms. We should probably treat them as sitcoms. I mean, it makes sense, right- there's the underlying support and encouragement of an in-studio audience laughing with you as you journey through life and feeling for you when you reach the sour moments, that sounds kind of great, right? Kind of?

Well... Let's revisit- I suppose what I mean by sitcom is the ironic reality of them- the creation by it's producers, the feelings of it's actors and the interaction by it's audiences. In truth, we're all kind of living that, aren't we? Something brought us to where we are, whether we know what it is or not- maybe it's us, maybe our parents. There's someone or some people in our lives that help drive the plot along. We hate or love to admit it, but we wouldn't be here without those people. And, we might not realize it, but sometimes, when you're not looking, the guy with the weird pink beanie at your favorite coffee shop has been watching you order lilac-vanilla lattes for the past few weeks and he's kind of cute and you kind of might want to have his babies someday, but maybe not- he does smell like cheeseburgers, after all.

Sitcom-esque? Sure, if that's what you want to call it.

Whatever it is that helps you cope with your days, the point is to try and incorporate a laugh and a breath of humor. That may be the actual exhalation of a laugh or just a reflection in your head, but whatever it is, I advise to not take things too seriously. Develop a healthy cynicism and learn to love yourself and your everyday happenings. You're wonderful, even if you're not Tina Fey as Liz Lemon and your face isn't strewn across your favorite Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt. You're still you and that's pretty fabulous- maybe even deliciously funny. Embrace it!

Keep Trendy (& Keep on keepin' on),
Julia Rose

12 Types of Guys you Admit to Dating

By Mihic3 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. The one who Never Calls...
He's the guy you went on a few dates with, the one that things were 'going well' with, then all of a sudden- he falls off the face of the planet. You never hear from him again and are left in utmost frustration about it. Yeah...he's the guy you wrecked the stuffed unicorn you've had since you were five over. I guess it was time to get rid of 'Mrs. Unicorn' anyway, right?

2. The Incredibly Gorgeous 'Fantasy Man'...
You know the type- the guy who you always pictured yourself with, that wears an incredible smile to match his ridiculous charm, yet he never gave you the time of day and when he did you were so busy swooning that you forgot you were actually occupying planet Earth. In fact, you forgot you were both actually occupying planet Earth. He didn't get away from you, you just never understood he was normal. Unfortunately, fantasy is not a relationship, so yes, your dreams about Prince Eric are forever vanquished with him too. Au revoir!

3. The Anti-Talker...
He wasn't as harmful as the others, but he was your first realization, likely in middle school, that in order for a relationship to work, you two were going to need to talk to each other instead of awkwardly smiling and passing by in hallways. Please tell me you don't still do this between office cubicles. John Mayer might have been onto something when he sang, "say what you need to say," after all ladies...

4. The one who you thought would "Be Different with You"...
He's the guy your friends warned you about, sort of begged you not to date, but you manged to convince yourself that he'd be different with you anyway. He's the guy who had failed so many other women in the past, but for some reason, you convinced yourself that you were actually special, that you would be the one to change him. Oops?

5. The New Guy...
Hardly the male form of Zooey Deschanel's "New Girl"- he's the bright and shiny new toy that you were competing with your friends for. When you all realized that's the only reason you wanted him, you stopped trying at him. I guess some things are better left to Recess peanut butter cups after all. New man candy isn't always good man candy. If competition is the only reason you're hankering for a date, it's likely the chemistry will rot quicker than the expiration date foretells anyway.

6. The Class Clown...
He's cute at first and he's mostly a cliche' and the majority of your regret that you've succumb to about your junior year of high school. It's okay- don't be too hard on yourself, his jokes about Chuck Norris were funny for a while. That's what you told your first college roommate anyway...

7. The Every-Woman Man...
Just when you thought you met a guy who was all about monogamy, it turns out Sheila, your next-door neighbor, thought so too. Deal? Broken. At least there's Jello chocolate pudding though. Chocolate tends to be reliable, though admittedly polygamous, but it's okay- because you're okay with that. It works on chocolate.

8. The Guy who's Dating his Phone...
He's the guy who pulled out his iphone in the middle of your first or second date and never put it away. You knew he was trouble when you got your first snapchat from him that read, "On a Date- Going Sweet!" ...That's what he thought.

9. The Guy who takes more Selfies than you...
He also uses more hashtags than you, likes more pictures than you, updates his status more than you and re-blogs on Tumblr more than you. He's the 'more than you' social media mogul, or so he says on his resume. He's also able to put 'single' on his tax forms because of it. #Winner

10. The 'Friend-Zone' Man...
He's the guy you put in the friend zone and actually feel bad about not liking, but let's be real, you can't control whether or not you have romantic urges about him. Some guys are just meant to be friends and that's it. You gave dating your best try, but it just wasn't there.

11. The Guy you got Friend-Zoned By...
The opposite of 10. You know them angry feels about him. It's not as simple when you're the one being friend-zoned. He reminds you about the meaning of a crush. It's not called a hug or kiss and, mostly- unfortunately, there's a reason why. Sigh.

12. The Guy who's actually working...
When you get him- it's all smiles. He's that guy. He doesn't happen often, but when he does, every fish in the sea is tuna compared to him- your Sweedish fish. :)

*Read this post on BuzzFeed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/misstrendshe/12-types-of-guys-you-admit-to-dating-zdd8