Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Vintage Red Fairytale

Photography by Olivia Locascio for
Throughout my blogging career, I have had the privilege to be involved with Paul Brockmann of 55 Thousand Dresses whose story strikes me deeper each time I write about it. Paul's story elicits an undeniable emotional response. His story is multi-layered, and I feel so grateful to get the chance to experience it as a writer.

I have also had the privilege to experience his story externally. In the images you'll see in this post, I'm wearing a dress from the 55 Thousand Dresses collection, an Evelyn Rice's Desert Belle vintage red dress. Thanks to Christine at Le Thrift, Paul's former Creative Director and Paul himself, I was able to have a photo shoot in the dress with my talented friend, Olivia Locascio.

I hope you enjoy experiencing the story visually through this post, as it is quite the fairytale feeling for image and word.

Photography by Olivia Locascio for
Photography by Olivia Locascio for
Photography by Olivia Locascio for

Photography by Olivia Locascio for

Photography by Olivia Locascio for

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Zaful Provides Affordable and Sexy Summertime Fashion
This week, I discovered Zaful, a one-stop online shop for exciting and edgy fashion apparel. In particular, I was ogling their skirts that further exemplify the sexy millennial woman. Whatever you consider your style, whether that be girly, trendy, sporty, edgy, classic or else, Zaful has something to offer.

If you’re a chameleon-dresser, you're even better off, because the prices are a deal, so you can walk away with many pieces without breaking your college savings fund (or pizza money jar).

I happened to find two items, among many, I’m extra excited about. The first is a solid color a-line elastic waist skirt. The cut and color of this particular item reminds me of Audrey Hepburn via “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” 

I really could have used this skirt when browsing department stores yesterday for a piece to match a black and white button-up lace crop top I had just purchased. I’m glad to be discovering it’s clear match now with Zaful.

I adore how the skirt is featured in this image with a simple blouse and mustard yellow clutch. High-waisted is the trend that’s going to keep on trending year round, with shorts, trousers and beautiful skirts like these. You won’t find a piece like this in a department store; trust me, I tried to.

The shoes and skirt are the staples of this outfit, and for just $13.12 you can’t go wrong pairing this a-line with what’s already in your wardrobe or maybe a chic white crop top from Zaful.
The second item I found comes as a pair- an openwork lace tank top and solid color skirt.

Can you tell I’m loving pink this season? Femininity exemplifies summertime happiness for me, and I am so glad it’s summer, though today it appears spring is still springing outside- rain showers galore!

This outfit is a harmony between being sexy and girly. The cut-outs are edgy and come in balanced by the high-waisted skirt. Personally, I’d pair the top with an ivory or skin-tone bandeau underneath, though I admire a woman who has the confidence to rock it without.

What’s even better about these pieces, is that I’m sure they’d go great mixing and matching with other pieces already in your wardrobe. For the low price of $23.23, the possibilities are worth discovering.

Zaful provides affordable fashion for millennials, whether attending college or high school, or recently graduated, as I am. Zaful isn’t just a teenage dream, it’s a 20-something dream too, and is a reality that just keeps on giving past its purchase point. 30-somethings will also adore Zaful's cutting edge styles, especially those who live in happening big cities or frequent the party scene, business or boozy.

I highly suggest browsing the site to find your summertime fashion. I intend to score several staple pieces for my own wardrobe through Zaful this season.

Have fun with your summertime fashion with Zaful, and happy shopping.

Miss Trend She

*This post has been sponsored by Zaful.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Moving Onward and Upward
The first cheesy thing I thought of about moving this week was The Beatles' song "Hello Goodbye." (I've always loved The Beatles, but who hasn't?)

Once used by Target in a promotion, the song is now being coveted as the optimistic "see you later" across the recently college-graduated person's call list.

In truth, I don't believe I've said goodbye to anyone I care a lot about, and that means the most to me. Everyone I love, I know I'll see again, because we matter to each other. It's about to get extra sentimental as crunch-time closes in this week, but I'm confident I'll keep a happy face until the final countdown comes. I have a lot to look forward to and a lot of support to ride on. My friends and family have been so encouraging and wonderful to me, now and in the past. I am very lucky they have given me the confidence to move forward with my goals.

Here I come East coast!

I leave early Wednesday morning for a cross-country drive. I am unsure what states I'll even be driving through, though I will soon learn come mid-week. Cross your fingers for me the weather stays clear. I hope to stop at some fun and cozy diners with my dad and grandparents, though I also hope we don't stay at any one place too long. Once I have my mind set to something, I want to get it done. However, I know we'll all be tired making that 15-hour+ drive. Stops will be necessary.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Neon Moon Removes Exclusivity from Lingerie, Thrives with Body-Affirming Mission

Neon Moon bof! bra with coucou! knicker, Photography by Fitria Tjandra

Neon Moon Lingerie is changing the way consumers understand the purpose this type of apparel offers women and their partners. Hayat Rachi, CEO & Founder of Neon Moon, was inspired to create her brand when she became frustrated shopping for lingerie herself.

Rachi felt disgruntled about how many objectifying and sexualizing brands were on the market. Instead of succumbing to the body-shaming images she noticed and purchasing from the brands, Rachi set out to create an alternative for women.

"I didn't understand why no brand affiliated with my personal values and ethos," Rachi said. "Neon Moon's lingerie Mon Dieu collection has soft cup bras and knickers where the girl's body creates the shape of the garment, not the other way around. It's unfair that girls are sexualized the moment they're given their first bras, but on top of that, we are bombarded with one very narrow standard of beauty."

Rachi wanted to bring more diversity to the lingerie market in order to prove that beauty is not an exclusive term.

"It's important that girls see themselves reflected by brands like Neon Moon, who have the power to minimize body dysmorphia and promote body positivity through showcasing un-retouched girls," Rachi said. "Not retouching cellulite, body hair, stretch marks, acne, freckles, and other attributes is important so girls can affiliate, and not aim toward the unattainable standards of beauty."

Neon Moon bof! bra with coucou! knicker
Photography by Fitria Tjandra
Neon Moon is also LGBTQIA+ friendly. Rachi said responses to the brand have been overwhelmingly positive for all of the aforementioned reasons.

"Neon Moon has garnered support from both girls and boys all over the world," Rachi said.

After launching her campaign on Kickstarter, Rachi got to know her consumers more intimately. It seems, based on the love these consumers have for the brand, they have created a community associated with it.

"There is a real community of #NeonMoonGirls forming, and it really has proven a true demand for Neon Moon as a brand, and also for our luxe bras and knickers," Rachi said. "I have read such personal experiences from people of varying ages who have affiliated with at least one thing I've written, said, done or shown. I have been so humbled and grateful for all of the support, pre-orders, messages, likes, and shares."

Rachi said her best ideas for enhancing the line come from her community of #NeonMoonGirls. Rachi is excited to unveil her latest collection to them in the near future. Because of the support of this extended community, Rachi said Neon Moon has stayed grounded and in line with what she feels people want from a lingerie brand.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Say Yes to You, For all the Stars in the Sky

By ESO/A. Fitzsimmons, via Wikimedia Commons
Saying yes to you is one of the most rewarding and frightening things you can do as a college student or soon-to-be college graduate. The benefits outweigh the consequences, however. In order to have reward, there must be some risk. Realizing that landing among the stars isn't just a result of an education working toward NASA is an intoxicating understanding of self and circumstance.

You can do it. You're almost there. Just reach a little higher. Aim high for you.

On the way to your big star, just remember to surround yourself with a good crew. If you're around people who aren't supporting you or your mission, you might want to consider updating your squad. When a million things are happening around you, other stars glowing bright, you need people who will be understanding of your own path.

Conflict is not of interest.

Open-mindness is the key to successful friendships in your '20s. Everything is changing around you during this transitional time: you, your friends, your family, and your environment will all experience some sort of shift, regardless of whether you're changing location or not. Things don't necessarily stay the same.

Friends who are willing to pursue their own paths, but keep up with yours too are keepers xAllTheStarsInTheSky. The relationship should be mutual.

Showing kindness, caring and support proves genuineness. You'll meet a lot of different people during this time of your life. Some of them will disappoint you, while others will excite and inspire. It's okay to face disappointment. It means you tried. There's no shame in attempting to be a good friend to someone. It means you're a caring person.

One of the most important things you can remember about your friendships is to foster healthy bonds. Integrity, support and honesty are a good foundation to beginning any relationship. Keep this in mind as you make conversation with the man waiting at a traffic light with you during the morning coffee hour, or woman sitting across the way at a coffee shop, because you just had to re-caffeinate.

Connections are everywhere, whether you're among the stars or are just traveling to get there. Being an all-star means having an all-star support group to back you up. Be your own all-star, and a supporter to someone or many peoples' all-star mission.

Keep building these dynamic networks. You won't regret a second of loving or being there for friends, nor will you regret loving or supporting yourself. Never feel bad about walking away from friendships that aren't supportive.

If the pillars of your friendship seem to be constantly collapsing, you may want to ask yourself whether the friendship was truly standing anyhow. It's okay to analyze your bonds. It means you're watching out for you, and that is a respect no one can take away.

Miss Trend She

Thursday, May 14, 2015

'22 Under 22' Aims to Celebrate Women on a Global Scale, Collegiettes Should Apply

Image Courtesy of Her Campus Media has launched "22 Under 22," a contest that will aim to celebrate self-identifying college females who have achieved wondrous things under the age of 22...

This contest is super inspiring, and for those that qualify, I highly recommended you apply to join this already incredible league of inspiring women. This contest is sure to go down in history, trust me.

Never before has there been a competition that celebrates a scope of women with different talents, supported by a community whose mission is to reach out to college women and send positive messages to and by them, on a global scale.

Names of winners will be announced in September 2015, and there's still time to apply until May 31, 2015. Entrants can either nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else, whether that be a friend, relative or work colleague. Keep in mind that entrants must be graduating on or after December 2015 to qualify.

If you're "ambitious, talented and big-thinking," you're at least half way to golden, or at least, I imagine you are. Winners won't just get bragging rights, however, but will have their prominent profiles featured on, and their names will be sent to national press outlets. Plus, additional prizes will be given from's business partners to deserving winners.

Image Courtesy of Her Campus Media
If you're a leader, someone who excels academically and with their hobbies, someone who is one-of-a-kind and special, but frequently uses the humble-brag to get their point across, you may just be who is looking for to claim this once-in-a-college-lifetime title. I wish I could apply myself, but I will be graduating this May. I am so excited for those that do qualify to apply, and am already proud to be associated with the online publication as a Her Campus Blogger.

If affecting society in an affirming way is something you're all about, tell Her Campus about it! Tell them what makes you amazing, because you are, and deserve to be recognized for your hard work, experiences and passions.

Whether you've endeavored on an incredible entrepreneurial experience and came out successful, have worked abroad with non-profits, made MVP for a nationally-ranked sports team, or whatever it may be, Her Campus wants to know what has stood out about your college experience, and what has made you unique and confident about your future career and self. What has made you a more whole and accomplished person?

Celebrate you with a community of women who are all about that- celebrating women as individuals, and how those individuals come together to form common bonds, grow stronger and affect communities more positively.

Her Campus is a central location for delivering relevant media to self-identifying college women about beauty, style, love, life, high school, health, career, LGBTQ+ and the real world. With over 250+ chapters nationwide and more than 5.9 million monthly users, Her Campus is a central location for college media. Over the past 5 years, Her Campus has served as a career launching point for college journalists, and has been recognized by publications like Teen Vogue, InStyle, Lucky, Esquire, O magazine, The Washington Post, and Harper's Bazaar, among many others.

For more information about how to apply, and to see if you qualify, visit Don't waste another minute!

It's your time collegiettes.

Miss Trend She

*Thank you to Her Campus Media for partnering on this post.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Become an #UnderWarrior to #SaveTheUndies with U by Kotex

Become an #UnderWarrior,

U by Kotex is at it again folks...

Ladies assemble!

U by Kotex is asking you to become an "Under Warrior" as part of their latest campaign re-launch to #SaveTheUndies. This time, you can't forget to become an #UnderWarrior, just in time for blockbuster season and those hot summer months. Grab your Security Ultra Thin pads with 3D Capture Core for protection to join the fight against senseless leaking.

You'll love the product line that arrives just in time for swimwear season, which, of course, we know also includes tank tops, shorts, sundresses, and more apparel that will require U by Kotex's heroine-status support for excellent reception.

Every heroine needs a secret weapon. Consider U by Kotex as your best asset for an unforgettable summer 2015. Don't let your time of the month become unnecessary kryptonite.

What's available as part of the promotion this time around are the following: Cleanwear, All Nighter or Security Ultra Thin pads with 3D Capture Core that all work to prevent senseless leaks. Join the ranks of U by Kotex to be part of the pro-woman mission for one super summer.

It's the solidarity of sisterhood. I'm sure ScarJo has some stories of her own to share about assembling with The Avengers, and although I can't offer you any conversation with Chris Evans (Sigh), I can offer you the opportunity to join the rankings and become a U by Kotex #UnderWarrior. Just visit to join the mission and claim your free sample.

Assemble your girls for a beautiful summer, starting with protecting your undies. It's adventure time, and you're going to want the support U by Kotex is offering.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mallzee as 'Tinder for Fashion' is a Smooth and Addictive App

Screenshot Courtesy of Mallzee
If you're a busy girl that needs to find good buys in a hurry, but you don't really have the time to research where the best sales are, you're in luck, well- we're in luck... 

After downloading Mallzee for my Android device, I highly recommend trying it out for it's unique customization features that are aimed toward helping fashionable women find stylish bargains. This app is beneficial to women with turbulent schedules who don't want to waste time scrolling through site after site just to find a good deal on a quality product. The app isn't magic, of course- you won't find Chanel for a penny, but it does all the good work of finding the lowest cost for a realistic price.

Mallzee is connected to over 100 big name stores, which means over two million products are available for you to browse over and save for purchasing. Especially being (almost) right out of college, I appreciate that Mallzee connects me to high quality labels, but only finds me price tags that are compatible with my own financial health. Can I get a hallelujah?

That's the quality care I desire most with trendy apps. If the app is about practical shopping, it becomes much less of a trend or fad to me than a keeper, friend and fashion-buyer- the trifecta we've all added to our must-have list in a fashion relationship, right?

By Christopher Macsurak,
via Wikimedia Commons
 (DKNY 2010)
Mallzee is being called "Tinder for fashion," and for an appropriate reason, as it lets you swipe through styles and trends in the same way that Tinder allows you to browse and swipe right or left for people.

You'll find that swiping through Mallzee is a similar experience to shifting through a rack at your favorite retail chain, but you don't have to leave your couch and glass of Pinot Noir to get results. Because Mallzee lets you personalize your style feed, you're more likely to swipe right. This is unlike the experience of going in-store to find fashion, because Mallzee "racks" are designed with you in mind.

Mallzee gives you price drop alerts on keepers you've stored, style advice based on an interactive feed from top international fashion bloggers, and social sharing abilities to spread the styles you like across Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

If you enjoy brands like Urban Outfitters, Topman, Aldo, Adidas, ASOS, American Apparel, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Nike, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, DKNY and Converse, this will just be the start of your excitement with your relationship with Mallzee. There are a lot more brands to choose from.

Mallzee doesn't want you to work harder at finding the best fashions, they want you to work smarter. In fact, they want to do the smart work for you... 

So, while you're at work all day, in-app shopping will be a breeze after-hours or during sushi-packed lunch breaks. You can get right to shopping for that perfect going-out dress for when you've swiped right on other applications.

Mallzee will be your new addiction you need not apologize for. It's free to download and comes recommended by Glamour magazine, Techcrunch, and Forbes, among others. I'm sure you'll soon be able to add your name to that list of recomendees.

Tap into your most fashionable and efficient self. Try Mallzee to see what stylish connections you can make:

Miss Trend She

Monday, May 11, 2015

TOMS Shoes Inspires to go #WithoutShoes

It seems there are ample opportunities to celebrate this May, whether that be because of a sibling or friend's high school or college graduation, Mother's Day, a family member or friend's birthday, Memorial Day, traveling for music festivals, celebrating a new job, or else.

May is a busy month, hence the phrase, "May Day!" I suppose. There is reason for continuous movement and busyness. TOMS Shoes exemplifies the movement.

Gifting people for these special occasions is a nice way to show you appreciate them. It's certainly not necessary, but is usually appreciated, and TOMS Shoes is a beautiful gift to give, as the company's charitable mission gives reason, not just for your loved ones to celebrate, but someone across the world without the means to purchase reliable and durable footwear. TOMS appreciates your support. They aren't just about the product, they're about a bigger picture, and this May they want you to be a part of this picture.

May is a special month for the company too, as May 21st marks TOMS' "One Day Without Shoes," a
campaign that asks people to go barefoot, snap a picture and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #withoutshoes. For every image posted, TOMS promises to give a new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Miss Trend She for TOMS Shoes' #withoutshoes campaign
Join the Movement!
TOMS Shoes is full of beautiful pieces many will enjoy experiencing, and the company is offering 10% off a $75 purchase the week of May 12-17, just in time for Memorial Day. Though the sale excludes bags, sale items and core classics, buyers should not feel their selection of products is exclusive, because TOMS is inclusively innovative, creative and caring about their craftsmanship.

Put a pair of TOMS on your feet this May, then take them off to support a one-of-a-kind campaign supported by a company that continues to increase awareness about the human experience, and show how different it is across the world.

Be a part of the beautiful soles.

Miss Trend She